What is RollerToken?

RollerToken is a new virtual currency that will lay the foundation for the future RollerCoin crypto economy. The token will be developed on ethereum blockchain with all the applicable smart contract features. As soon as it is implemented, it will be the primary minable token and a valid method to purchase in-game items. Besides, it will be used to organize mining pools, explore additional locations, enter challenges, pay for utilities, and a lot more. As you know, the spoon is dear when lunchtime is near. Thus we must keep going and bring the game to ultimately new level, and we want you to participate in the future of RollerCoin.

Why do you need RollerToken?

We can assure you that the development of RollerToken will not limit but rather expand the variety of RollerCoin features and opportunities. We are building an independent virtual universe with its own economy and community. Below we will reveal some of the major coming features and how RollerToken will be applied. Not all of them, of course :) The rest will be announced when the time comes



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Refer a friend and take $1 off your payment every 30 days for every friend you refer for as long as they stay with us. Your friend will also receive a one-time BONUS $10 credit!

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Participate in our monthly wagering and referral contest with $32,500 in total prizes!

To win the wagering contest with $21,600 in total prizes, you must rank in the top 10 users by wagering volume for the month and to win the referral contest with $10,900 in total prizes, you must rank in the top 10 users by combined wagering volume of your referrals for the month.

The contest will start at the beginning of the month at 00:00 UTC and end on the last day of the month at 23:59 UTC. For the wagering contest, all bets made in MULTIPLY BTC, MULTIPLY BTC jackpots and BETTING will qualify.


For the referral contest, all bets that your referrals make in MULTIPLY BTC, MULTIPLY BTC jackpots and BETTING will qualify. The top 10 users with the highest wagering volume for the month will win the wagering contest and the top 10 users with the highest combined wagering volume of their referrals will win the referral contest.

The prizes will be paid out in BTC converted from USD at the current exchange rate after the contest ends. You will receive an email notifying you if you have won a prize and the prize will be credited directly to your FreeBitco.in account and can be withdrawn anytime.

Special banners to promote this contest can be found below the leaderboard tables.

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